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Get-The-Book-DONE Toolkit

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Just imagine what having YOUR book published would do for...

  • Your impact on the world. You have a gift -- knowledge you have that can make an impact on others. Share it! Books make lasting differences in lives!


  • ​​​Your credibility as a leader in your industry. With a simple strategy and our book-writing tools, we will give you what you need to outline your book, write it, and even publish it! Allowing you to become known as a leader in your industry!

  • ​Building real revenue sources. Use our monthly task organizers to help you break down a revenue-generating task or project, batch your work, and develop business routines that help you scale your revenues.

It's a digital download. Nothing will be shipped in the mail.

Know what you need to write. Know HOW you plan on pitching your book to publishers (OR if you want to just print your book yourself!!). Get it written - even if you were a C- student in English class!!

Track all the book tasks -- like cover creation, editorial process, collecting endorsements, collecting your marketing assets, and so. much more -- using goal sheets with a visual habit tracking chart. Check off daily & weekly milestones on the path to your goals. Give yourself confidence by knowing, at a glance, what you need to do to finish AND publish your book.

Guaranteed, you'll spend less time meandering and be empowered to GET THAT BOOK WRITTEN with the tools we're giving you.

40+ Pages and Book-Writing Tools!!

It's a digital download. Nothing will be shipped in the mail.


Join the AUTHOR and INFLUENCER Movement

Print Again AND Again!

I love having the ability to print my favorite pages again and again and again! The Toolkit habit tracker is one of my favorites!

David M.

Author, waiting to be published

It's Something Awesome

As a busy mom and author I LOVE this toolkit! I could track my writing goals and then make sure I was able to reach them! I was able to even use a few of the pages to help my son!

Holly H.

Author of FOUR best sellers

Take Action. Get Results.

As someone who's mind is always swirling with ideas, I found the toolkit helpful as it helped me clarify my ideas and break them down into bite-sized writing sections.

Rachel M.

Author of multiple books

This is for you If...'ve ever wanted to Write and Publish a Book WHILE still juggling a busy life! We know it can be a challenge -- we've been there too!

This book toolkit & planner will help you eliminate the mental clutter that you didn't even know was distracting you, and GET YOUR BOOK WRITTEN and PUBLISHED!

If you want to:

👉 Write your book in less than an hour a day.

👉 Have real publishing options - so you can get your book in-print

👉 AND begin making that impact you have been called to!!!

We are here for you! Let's get that book written!

I’m Karen.

I’m a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, an Associate Publisher for Morgan James Publishing, and a book coach/advisor. (You can tell I love books!)

I’m also a multitasking mom and grandmother to lots of little people.

I know what it’s like to be in the absolute thick of it — juggling writing a book with the chaos of life when my girls were small to now with grandkids around.

I want to spend time with them and love on them (they grow up so fast!). I get what it feels like to have everyone begging for your attention, being pulled in EVERY possible direction, and drowning in guilt, feeling like I’ve got a message that needs to get out but not sure how to make it happen.

But here’s the thing. Everyone has a first book! And since I’ve made just about every mistake you can make, I am confident that since I went to the “school of hard knocks,” you don’t have to. The best advice I ever got was simply two words: “JUST START!”

I love seeing the power of a book in changing lives. I know the power of what happens when we cultivate writing habits and set up simple routines, so you can truly write that book in record time and focus on what matters most - that impact you are called to!


What's Included In The Toolkit?

Your Get-The-Book-DONE Toolkit contains lifetime access to our entire pack of tools and resources to help you create your book, tackle all the little tasks, reclaim your time!

Can I Print More Than One?

Your purchase covers the needs of your home/family (today and many years over). If you wish to print multiple copies, feel free to do so. Sharing the files with others outside your home is strictly prohibited under our copyright.

How Do I Print It?

You can either print directly with your home printer or save the files on your computer and send them to a local printer (Staples, etc.) When printing directly from your computer, check the print preview before you print. If the printable does not fit on the page, then change the settings.

Can I Get A Physical Copy?

At this time, the Get-The-Book-DONE Toolkit is only available in digital PDF format. You can print the entire bundle, have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, or print just the pages you need.

Is This Really Worth The Cost?

Absolutely! The Get-The-Book-DONE Toolkit will pay for itself from your early book sales. Seriously! And you'll have it to use for many years to come - for every book you write.

Buy it once and print it over and over again. You will not find a better, more practical, and more comprehensive bundle at a lower price.

How Soon After Purchasing Will I Receive My Product?

(Almost) immediately! Your purchase will be delivered directly on the confirmation page and will also be emailed to you, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 3-20 minutes of your purchase.

How Do I Know the Get-The-Book-DONE Toolkit Is Right For Me?

The Get-The-Book-DONE Toolkit is for anyone looking for a manageable system - the step-by-step tasks to write your book, get it published, WHILE spending less time stressing and MORE time INSPIRING.

Help I Can't Open The File?

To open a PDF file, you will need a program that is probably already installed on your computer. This program will enable you to view PDF files from another site or source. If you don’t have a program, you can get one free with a simple Google search.

What Is Your Refund Policy

Our number one priority is your happiness! This means we stand by our products 100%. If you have a problem, we will try and fix it. Refund it. Send you a virtual hug. Whatever it takes. Just reach out.

We're in this together. And we are here for you. But please be sure to read the product descriptions and the FAQ's on this page before purchasing.

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